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Assessment. Training. Teambuilding.

“Problem solving is the core skill for the twenty-first century.”

Dominic Barton, Global Managing Partner Emeritus, McKinsey & Company.

DecodeXP offers organisations a new way of understanding and developing problem-solving capacity within individuals and teams. 

Founded as a rejection of tired training and assessment methods; DecodeXP uses cutting-edge escape room technology, virtual reality and video feedback to completely reimagine what a ‘training day’ should look like.

There’s not a flipchart or marshmallow tower in sight.  

With assessment options developed by Sandhurst trained instructors and live-experiences which push teams to their cognitive limits, our packages disrupt thinking and deliver tangible behavioural change.  

It’s time to do things differently. 


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How did we end up here?


‘A training course too far. Stuck in a classroom as 121 slides passed me by in an endless cycle of Powerpoint and mediocrity.’

MD Jamie Pollard-Jones when asked why he started DecodeXP.

All businesses should be formed as the solution to a problem and DecodeXP is no different, the question is simply: why is training rubbish? 

We dared to imagine a time where the prospect of team training days didn’t fill the office with dread, where leaders would be challenged by complex and unseen scenarios and where skills-based assessment would focus on the problem-solving capacity so important in innovation. 

We set out to create learning and development opportunities where immersion and experience are placed at the core of learning, rather than as an afterthought.

To do this we sought the best in industry, leadership thinking and academia to assist in developing bespoke programmes which accelerate learning outcomes and, you know, are a bit of fun too. 

Theory isn’t taught during our programmes, it is lived – using an array of venues, technologies and instructors to turn mundane training into a truly revolutionary event.

The Endstate

New routes to innovative solutions can be found by teams who are more aligned and more skilled problem solvers. 

People learn by doing, not by sitting. Our packages are immersion-led aiding retention of key information and ensure engagement throughout. 

The challenges of hybrid working and remote working are addressed through accelerated periods of team and individual development. Put simply, people know each other better. 

New communication styles are developed between individuals and within teams, leading to a reduction in ambiguity and a greater understanding of skills. 

We love a challenge.

And we hope you do too. Let's solve problems through immersion, together...