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Solving Problems Through Immersion

Training can be underwhelming right?

DecodeXP offers organisations a completely new way of delivering training content. From problem-solving training delivered via cutting-edge Escape Room Technology, to team-building and communication workshops combining academic literature, lego-building and VR. Our packages disrupt thinking and deliver tangible change.

Endorsed and facilitated by some of the UK’s leading performance and business thinkers, it’s time to do things differently. 

We don’t work with just anyone, to start your immersive journey click on the button below and receive a problem-solving challenge, delivered to your home or office.

Solve it and let’s get to work. 


The DecodeXP Way


You solve our box... Just to check we can work together.


We spend proper time understanding your training outcomes.


And build an immersive training plan, unlike anything you've ever seen.


To top it off, we'll show you how good it was, through content-capture and data.

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Training which amazes

‘A training course too far. Stuck in a classroom as 121 slides passed me by in an endless cycle of Powerpoint and mediocrity.’

MD Jamie Pollard-Jones when asked why he started DecodeXP.

All businesses should be formed as the solution to a problem and DecodeXP is no different, the question is simply: why is training rubbish? 

We dared to imagine a time where the prospect of team building didn’t fill the office with dread, or where leadership training might ask participants to face their fears on a high-ropes course, move through an adaptive scenario, supplemented by electronic puzzles specifically designed to place them under pressure before moving into a Virtual Reality exercise geared towards showcasing different communication strategies – all in the same afternoon.

A learning and development opportunity where immersion and experience were placed at the core of learning, rather than as an afterthought.

So we sought the best in industry, leadership thinking and academia to assist in developing bespoke programmes which accelerate learning outcomes and, you know, are a bit of fun too. 

Theory isn’t taught during our programmes, it is lived – using a vast array of venues, technology and instructors to turn mundane training into a truly revolutionary event.

Why does this work?

A clear, iterative, workshopping process allows us to understand your end-state and deliver an immersive package accordingly.

People learn by doing, not by sitting. Our packages are immersion-led aiding retention of key information and ensuring engagement throughout. 

It helps solve the problems created by remote and hybrid working – having people together less often means there needs to be an emphasis on tangible and accelerated change.

Individual programmes are bespoke, relentlessly geared towards end-state of our client meaning outcomes can be much more carefully measured. 

We love a challenge.

And we know you do too. Solve our puzzle box and let us solve problems through immersion, together...