"I think that our programme is going to lead us to more constructive meetings and to more effective long-term strategies"

Problem-Solving, reimagined.

Problem-solving capacity is an integral part of success in almost every business endeavour.

And yet, it is one we rarely test, understand or develop.  

At DecodeXP we want to change that.

Through the development of immersive problem-solving experiences, the use of video-feedback and innovative methodology we can tangibly develop this capacity within teams.  

Founded on the military methodology of train hard, fight easy our programmes place participants into complex scenarios where they must work together as a team, solving problems requiring a wide-range of skill-sets.

 As they do this we use sophisticated content-capture technology to capture key periods of interaction for three main purposes.

Training | Assessment | Team-building

1. Training

Developing problem-solving capacity is a critical factor in increasing team output. 

Our training packages go beyond conventional industry practise; we use behavioural mapping to understand the disposition of those conducting the training – helping to understand how they assimilate and communicate information. 

We then provide tools and handrails geared to specific team interactions, using virtual reality exercises to develop communication.

These aren’t just any problem-solving practices, they are designed and developed with the British Army’s 7 Questions at their very core.

Throughout, our facilitators use industry-relevant examples and relentlessly focus on new working habits which can be adapted to quickly and effectively. 


2. Assessment

Understanding the problem-solving capacity of potential new hires, those pushing for promotion or even those within formed teams has never been so important.

DecodeXP’s live experiences place participants into a completely unseen scenario where they must work together individually, and as a team, in order to achieve an array of objectives.

Throughout this process the hiring team, as well as DecodeXP facilitators, have constant access to a live-feed stream allowing for real-time assessment of problem-solving and teamwork capacity.

DecodeXP’s facilitators will then use the footage to develop an independent report addressing how participants performed across a wide array of problem-solving metrics.

3. Team-Building

Bringing disparate teams together has never been more important.

Sharing profound, in-person, experiences is hugely difficult in remote and hybrid working environments so we best make sure the limited time together is well spent. 

Our team-building workshops use behavioural analysis and live experience content capture to create package which is unique to the individuals participating. 

Each event is followed immediately by a Hot-Debrief process conducted by an ex-Military instructor, allowing immediate identification of lessons learnt and the facilitation of 360° feedback. 

4. Bespoke

A problem-solving mindset is continually demonstrated by DecodeXP’s facilitators; we use live experience and immersion to help solve a wide range of business problems.

From a values re-launch to corporate incentives, nothing is out of scope for our team to work with you to generate a unique solution, with problem-solving at its core.

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“DecodeXP’s application of problem-solving is a game-changer in the contemporary environment, by focusing on experiential learning their packages offer unique results.”

Gen (retd) Paul Nanson CBE