Developing Successful Teams

After two years working with a number of leading Corporations DecodeXP sought the best in industry, leadership thinking and academia to assist in developing a bespoke programme which would set teams up for success in remote and hybrid working environments.

By blending a proven behavioural mapping tool with a 360° problem-solving experience the High-Intensity Team Transformation programme gathers valuable data on team preferences and performance. Our Unique Experiential Workshop Phase then allows participants a data-based understanding of their role within a team whilst relentlessly focussing on new, industry relevant, strategies for increased team productivity and performance. 

Theory isn’t taught during this programme, it is lived – using the best available technology to transform meeting rooms into a truly revolutionary event.

1. Industry Leading Behavioural Analysis

DecodeXP has cultivated some of the most sophisticated Behavioural Mapping software on the market in order create a baseline understanding of your team.

The Clarity model, based on the DISC approach, is unique in its addition and explanation of the neuroscience behind our behaviours, with key elements co-written by their in-house biopsychologist.

The results are profound, with both the validity and reliability of results offering participants true appreciation of their natural preferences. 

The analysis takes place through an online portal and participants receive a ‘dashboard’ summary of their results fours in the workshop, as well as the full report post-event. 


2. Bespoke Experiential Design

Created in conjunction with world-leading experiential designers DecodeXP’s 360° event will challenge and thrill your teams in ways they didn’t think possible.

In order to ensure its application to your team our designers ensure the exact package links to your team’s behavioural make-up and takes full advantage of the location’s local area.

Our experience takes over existing Meeting Room within your building or we can deliver the event at over 25 partner locations throughout central London, Birmingham and Manchester. 


3. Industry Leading Live Experience

For over two hours your teams are immersed in an enjoyable, yet wickedly challenging, event which tests problem-solving and teamwork in an unashamedly high-pressure environment. 

Valuable audio-visual data is captured throughout and forms the basis of the experiential workshop.

Each event is followed immediately by a Hot-Debrief process conducted by an ex-Military instructor, allowing immediate identification of lessons learnt and the facilitation of 360° feedback. 

4. Experiential Workshop

The world is saturated with marshmallow tower building, bad coffee and inscrutable theories – let us show you something completely different.

Every element of our Experiential Workshop offering is designed to elicit high-performance; from using immersive VR technology to specifically designed communication challenges participants will truly understand the content and be able to identify routes to tangible behavioural change. 

Throughout, our facilitators use industry-relevant examples and relentlessly focus on new working habits which can be adapted to quickly and effectively. 

The Workshop also takes the team through their performance using actual audio-visual data; rather than being fed abstract management theory participants will be able to identify their own behaviours and will be invited to focus on how our natural dispositions can allow us to thrive in any environment.  

The process is intense, with teams leaving having articulated a roadmap to greater camaraderie and efficiency in the workplace.



Resulting in

Individuals and their organisations having developed a deep understanding of strengths, weaknesses and how these can be optimised to produce improved team performance outcomes.

Increased team resilience and performance strategies for high-pressure environments.

Heightened productivity as hastily generated and geographically dispersed teams are able to adapt to complex tasks more quickly.

Individuals having gained a detailed understanding of how they can operate at peak performance within different teams and environments. 

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