Interactive Feedback

Change Through Experience   At the end of a training serial, tank commanders will immediately conduct a ‘hot-debrief’, discussing what went well, what went badly and how they can improve next time. After several serials the commanders congregate in a trailer and watch video analysis of their performance. Data is gathered throughout the process, everything […]

The Value of Complex Experiences

Jamie, DecodeXP’s Lead Analyst, is an ex-Army Officer turned Entrepreneur who served with the King’s Royal Hussars, as well as deploying overseas. Here he writes about his experiences as a Tank Troop Leader and how complex experiences can get teams working better together. How to create High-Performing Teams (clue – it isn’t on a whiteboard) […]

Hybrid Working – what will that actually mean?

The pushback against remote working was an inevitability. We’ve been clear that organisations have to be cautious about bold proclamations of a completely new way of working becoming the norm, we’re learning in the eye-of-the-COVID-storm it would be wise to instead focus on how things will look when restrictions ease to the point of relative […]