Preparing for 2021

Barnaby Wynter is an award-winning public speaker, mentor and Brand Consultant with over 570 launches to his name, we asked him to put pen to paper on the ramifications of lockdown, and perhaps offer some insight into what comes next. We’ll all be asking this question at some point in the future and hopefully it […]

Value of Experience

Lockdown, and COVID in general, for us has been a massive opportunity to consider how we deliver value within the Corporate environment. The rise of home working will undoubtedly continue well beyond the COVID story but new work styles will need to be adapted, with experiential learning fundamental in accelerating development. We’ll spend more time […]

Project Dyson

As part of our ongoing work with Dyson to deliver different experiential products Jamie headed to Malmsbury – Dyson HQ to sit on a judging panel as teams pitched various ideas to incorporate Dyson products into their very own live experience. Teams pitched ideas focussing on how existing Dyson products can be used to solve […]