The HITT Immersive Demonstration

Come and experience it for yourself

Practice what you Preach

The High-Intensity Team Transformation programme is a radical form of Experiential learning so we felt it required a radical form of Experiential demonstration. 

With our Test Drive you’ll be sent instructions to join an immersive experience. It lasts 90 minutes and begins at Temple Tube Station; you’ll be thrown into the world of our learning and we’ll demonstrate how HITT can improve team-working and communication strategies within your organisation. 

It’s not for everyone, you’ll need your wits about you and to approach with a can-do mindset.

To book a date simply use the contact form below.  


How does it work?

We want to keep a few surprises up our sleeve but on arrival at Temple Tube Station you’ll receive a series of problem-solving challenges which will immerse and enthral.  

What skills does it need?

None. Other than a problem-solving mindset you won’t need any special skills – help is on hand throughout the demonstration. 

Why in-person?

Zoom has its place, but our HITT programme needs to be experienced to be understood; the test drive will showcase our methodology using immersive learning and experience. 

Who can I bring?

Teamwork makes the dream work, right? We can host up to five participants on the HITT Experiential Demo. 

Get out and about.

The HITT Immersive Demonstration is designed to be a fun and engaging introduction into how DecodeXP can accelerate your team development, we can't wait to see you.

“The High-Intensity Team Transformation Programme is a game-changer for team-building in the contemporary environment, by focusing on experiential learning this package will deliver tangible behavioural change”

Gen (retd) Paul Nanson CBE